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... . &pfor comments...// e... &pmadee../ after... the... re-election of presiidnt obama...///. he... praised voters... for... eleeting... mr. pbama... whee... he rrferenced... the positive impact... hurricann sanny... had.../ onn.. the presideet's ccmp. campaign. good work for thhm, for america. i'm so glaa we had that storm ast week bbcause i think tte storm was no, pooitically i should say, not in terms of urtingg people. thhse comments cominn in the early morning wednesday... followinggthe president's sandyykilled more ttan aa without power... and caused aa estiiated 33-billion dollars &pin damage. matthews apolooize three in the morningg.. after &ppeing on the air for ten hour. it is trulyya hhoror up heree political thinning.. deep in a worldl of numbers and iisues and people, who would win oo who would lose. but i leff out the number oneejob f anyone on air, to think about the real lives of people. people. matthews says his comments were not 3 just stupid... they ere wrong. a ccmpaign to get people tested for hiv issprompting some complaiits in balti
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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